New Beliefs = New Reality


Tyrone Lam

Tyrone is a PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator and a board certified (BCC & ACC) coach who helps people remove the self-limiting beliefs that unconsciously run their lives.  He is a skilled and experienced facilitator who helps women and men realize their innate beauty, power and potential.

What we believe drives our life. For example, if we believe we are ‘less-than’, we remain stuck – attracting experiences that support that belief.  When we believe we are loved, gifted, worthy… we experience life from a new perspective — one that serves our highest purpose.
— Tyrone Lam

  • transform stress Into more peace

  • remove barriers that block your goals

  • get "un-stuck" — empower yourself with more purpose

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Client Testimonials

— Diana
I felt safe from the moment I walked into the room. In general, I am a very private person so for me to feel that safe and comfortable right away...felt so amazing. Tyrone allows space for you to really open up, to breath and because of this, I trusted Tyrone immediately with my most deepest challenges and life experiences. I dug deep that day to release some childhood programming and blocked emotions that I had suppressed for many years. Tyrone not only guided me safely through those moments but also taught me many new things about myself that I had forgotten. There was never any judgement but complete kindness, love and beautiful wisdom to walk me through those steps. I had no idea the journey I was about to begin. Needless to say...I had many, many “aha” moments. Since our meeting, I can clearly and honestly say, I am walking taller and much more brave within. I am kinder to myself and I am enjoying the many layers that we unraveled that day. Thank you Tyrone for all you do to make this world a better place. Thank you for your compassion and drive to help people and for the space you allowed for me to break through my cob webs. I feel so blessed to have met you and I am so appreciative of this experience.
— Deborah
The part of you that you bring to the work lends volumes to the experience. You are kind, patient and highly skilled at what you do.
— Sherri
Tyrone holds a space within the building I work in and i noticed month after month what appeared to be clients leaving much happier, healthier, and whole. I’m not a woo woo type and have never had any energy work done on myself. Scratch that idea. I’m in. My experience was self altering and life changing. I see myself in a different perspective. He gently guided me to see, feel and believe my best self and a new and better way to step into being. Complete recommendation and endorsement. Thank you Tyrone.
— Gloria
“I reached out to Tyrone as I had many limiting beliefs in my life - mostly around money and success. I have to admit, my life has literally changed since I met Tyrone. I still have to take action on a daily basis, but inside of me, I am now fearless at a deep level and I really believe now that I deserve to be successful. I highly recommend working with Tyrone, he is such a nice person and his energy is incredible, you’ll love him!”
— Gui
My life has changed since meeting Tyrone and PSYCH-K. Subtleties. Attitude. General sense of being positive. Being alive. I found Tyrone after spending a weekend at a Dr. Bruce Lipton workshop. I didn’t know much about PSYCH-K but I had some behaviors that were long standing and habitual that I wanted changed. I am no longer that person. Tyrone took me thru the process of what I wanted changed – limited beliefs to positive uplifting beliefs. How good is that? And it’s been wonderful for me. Dr. Lipton says that each one of us is the creator of our life. If you’re looking to make changes in your life, I suggest contacting Tyrone. He is excellent at listening and understanding your desires for change and then being a facilitator for your change. Become the person you want to be.
— Marty
After having PSYCH-K balances, I no longer experience paralyzing anxiety. I changed nothing in my world, but yet my world has changed. My perspective changed. My level of attachment changed. I feel and think differently. I no longer feel controlled in my situation. My head is clear and I am able to move forward with love in my heart instead of fear. PSYCH-K is a game changer. I am eternally grateful! Thank you Tyrone!
— Jennifer
I was in a dark place in my life, and he helped me get out of these holes I dug myself. I was able to speak to him in all honesty with no judgment. He provided me with positive reinforcement in all aspects of my life. After losing my father, he was the man who made me look at life in a completely different perspective. I have come so far this past year, and couldn’t have done it without him.
— Joe
I really appreciate the insights you’ve helped me discover. After our last meeting, I realized the only things that are stopping me from living my vision are my internal blocks. The only thing holding me back is between my ears. Thanks!
— Max
Tyrone is sophisticated and wise yet spiritual and down to earth. His coaching and PSYCH-K processes inspired breakthroughs and jump started progress. I find him to be particularly beneficial at facilitating the exploration and attainment of goals around my career and love relationship. His support, encouragement and intuitive sense enables me to be in sync with my highest self. When I receive coaching from him on a regular basis I find that I live life and make decisions from a space of integrity, confidence, and joy.
— Cristina
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
— C.G. Jung